Here's a little post from the weekend. I helped organise a bachelor party in Avocado restaurant. Ok, we didn't behave well...in fact we were very rude, loud and nasty with the staff...but that couldn't have been the reason for the following discussion:

Me: I see that there is a separate section of the menu devoted to Avocado. I'd like to have the steak with Avocado salsa.
Waiter: I'm sorry... I'll have to check if we have that.
Me: Alright, go ahead.
Waiter (after a couple of minutes): I'm sorry sir, but we've RUN OUT OF AVOCADO.

I don' t think this story needs extensive explanation. There's a restaurant called Avocado, which has a separate section on its menu full of food devoted to Avocado (avocado salsa, filling, dip, slices, etc.), but still, the restaurant doesn't have any Avocado. Does it even make sense for me to go on by saying the steak was great?