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The typical cuisine of Hungary is pretty much intertwined with remnants of the 50s and 60s when ingredients were scarce and we ended up with a shortlist of dishes that were paprika and lard based, full of tomatoes and cabbage and potatoes that were widely available. Besides ground pork maybe that acted as the filling for these vegetables - as a nod to Ottoman cuisine - we left behind most of the great dishes that originated before 1900 and we became enclosed in our own little world.

There have been many discussions on how we can move on and develop or reinvent Hungarian cuisine, which I don't want to open now as it would be a long story, suffice to say that most of the trials usually go into making the dishes much lighter - ie getting rid of much of the lard and onion base and maybe using less paprika as well. Most scholars say that paprika became widely used as a cheap replacement for pepper early 19th century and started to overtake Hungarian cuisine. The result of this moderni…

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