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Caviar and Bull – Deep fried dreams

As an alternative to our global food scouting we thought we’d go along and try a dinner at one of the top-rated restaurants in Budapest called Caviar and Bull. The place has been receiving very hot recommendations from all around the social channels, and also has a nice website and an international, Maltese, hot chef to go along with it, so it was definitely worth seeking out. Located in the ground floor of Royal Corinthia hotel, and about twice the size of the space as neighbouring Bock Bistro, it definitely has the edge in where the hotel chain is putting its money over the local serving juiced up Hungarian specialities. But what of the food?
Evidently the clientele of the restaurant is made up of about 90% tourists, international hotel guests and visitors to the city. The menu reads like it was some kind of global franchise, with signature dishes from around the Med formulated in a language and style that reeks self-assurance bordering on the obnoxious. My favourite ones are „ancien…

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