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Chambre Séparée - Ghent – In the private quarters of a great Chef

I had read about young Kobe Desramaults a while back, when he was running In de Wulf restaurant in Dranouter, a small town in Belgium, and it was rave reviews one after the other. As one of the youngest chefs to ever win a Michelin star, Kobe also participated in and was one of the founders of the revolution of young Flemish chefs called the Flemish Primitives that turned into a renowned gastro show, pushing the boundaries of gastronomy and showcasing talent from Belgium, and the Netherlands like Sergio Herman from Ood Sluis (now also closed) and inviting famous stars from all around the world. Sadly, In de Wulf closed down for reasons unknown – rumours are that the size of the new operation was not sustainable and that Kobe needed time to reflect after 12 years under pressure as a top chef.

Luckily Kobe found another place, a pop-up of sorts in Ghent, one of the loveliest towns in Belgium. It is called Chambre Separee - or side-room hidden from sight - and resides in the basement of …

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