One thing I am accused of most by readers is the lack of good pictures. So this is a territory I aim to improve greatly in the future. Here's a couple from my latest visit to Kyoto. It was nearly as good as the first time - maybe a bit more ups and downs and also the fantastic dessert which wasn't up to usual standards.

Very promising beginning: the sashimi of three kinds of fish with sesame and julienne vegetables. Delicious.

The gyoza filled with shrimp and pork had a very light and tasty dumpling noodle coating, but the filling was very dry like sawdust.

This dish was the ultimate bomb: a kind of special maki roll deep fried with a cheesy coating with soft avocado and tuna on the inside. Superb. The jalapeno pepper and tuna maki roll at the back wasn't too shabby either.

A warm, lightly fried tuna in a soft coating with a soy and vinegar sauce. The vinegar overpowered the taste of everything around it and we felt sorry for the tuna that it was heated up at all- should have left it raw.

Teriyaki chicken. Succulent pieces of chicken is a sweet, teriyaki sauce. Nothing special but tasty nonetheless.

Our delicious dessert from last time - this time with a more thick, heavy and buttery ice cream, less oranges and no caramelised sugar on top. A disappointment.

Overall my ranking could lose a half point to a point because of the dessert, the tuna and the gyoza, but the other dishes were really top notch.

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