It's funny when someone brings you a plate of food on which there are several very ill looking avocado slices and they explain to you that it's actually in perfect condition. This is what happened to me yesterday at the Leroy in Westend, a place that I haven't been to for a very long time.

Although the salad itself was quite nice with prawns on a skewer, various exciting greens, tomatos and a great dessing...sitting on the whole thing was a very very old avocado. Actually I think it was frozen and old at the same time with brown freckles and spots everywhere and going very brown in the middle. My first thought was that it was going brown because the chef had not put some lemon over it to prevent it from going brown quickly and that's why it became spotty. But then came the taste experience and it was really bad, almost like eating cardboard.

Our very assertive waitress told us that this is the avocado that they received from the supplers and although it looks bad, there's actually no problem with it. After finishing off nearly everything else in the salad and moving the avocado to one side I tried to explain once again that you simply don't serve up avocado like this in a premium establishment. You tell the supplier to go and take it back where it came from ar throw the whole thing in the garbage and maybe pull the dish from the menu.

But not here. Here we try to get away with these things. And that's a problem.

Overall 3/10

Leroy Westend
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